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    About Us

    We Lend is a private money lender focused on servicing real estate investors by providing quick and low-cost capital on their investment properties. Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or just getting started, We Lend’s team has the qualifications to exceed expectations and assist in expanding your real estate portfolio.

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    Meet the Team

    Discover the experts with over 30 years of combined experience.


    Ruben Izgelov

    Director of Credit Analysis

    Moses Suleymanov

    Director of originations

    Solomon Suleymanov

    Director of Underwriting

    Brian Sachs

    Executive Assistant

    Lesly Diaz


    What Sets Us Apart

    We Lend’s approach to lending is centered around the investor. This allows investors to focus more on their investment and less on the loan process. Success for the investor is success for We Lend. We’re on a mission to fix the inefficiencies of a hundreds-year-old industry — are you ready to join? How We Do It

    Working With We Lend

    Service Shaped by Experience The real estate industry is nothing new to us. We've been in the shoes of those we partner with and serve, which equips us to deliver the best service possible. As investors ourselves, we know that speed, accuracy, and performance are crucial to successful real estate transactions.
    Driven to Deliver We actually care about those we lend to, so we play an active role in bringing your loan process across the finish line. This is a fact we pride ourselves on, and something we win investors with — we want to know our borrowers and be in touch with them throughout their projects.
    Prepared for Any Scenario Here at We Lend, we've seen it all. Our experience with thousands of unique scenarios prepares us to overcome any obstacle with an array of creative financing solutions.
    White-Glove Execution Everything that We Lend does to serve our customers and stakeholders is done with a white-glove approach. We're not here to wrap up the deal and take off. We are by your side throughout every step of the way and frequently rely on brokers for their knowledge to be more thorough in our underwriting process.

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    As a national private money lender, we provide investors with real estate loans from coast to coast. Due to our drive to execute, it was crucial for us to make the process as quick and as simple as possible. Learn more about our tried-and-true

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