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    For First-Time Borrowers

    When you're getting started in real estate, one of the first steps you should take is reaching out to a reputable lender like We Lend. From assessing your needs to nailing down pricing, We Lend Loan Officers are there to support you every step of the way.

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    Begin Your Journey With a Fix and Flip Loan

    New to the world of real estate investing? A Fix and Flip loan can help you gain valuable experience you can use to execute future loans with confidence and clarity. 

    Working With We Lend

    With 65+ years of real estate investment experience, the knowledge of funding over 1,000 projects, and leveraging more than 1.5 billion of capital, you find a top partner in We Lend.

    Proven Record Transparency is very important to us, so we don't shy away from sharing our record. Whether it's through our recently funded deals or other past successes, our record speaks for itself. 
    End-to-End Support With We Lend by your side, you don't have to be intimidated by any previous borrowing experiences. We'll walk you through every step so that when you're ready for your next loan you can call yourself an experienced borrower.
    Speed to Close When you have a private lender that is quick to close, you start your borrowing journey with an advantage.
    True Partnership We see our customers as partners and ensure they receive white-glove service. From advising on what to look out for during the acquisition process to post-closing, We Lend is there to support your success.

    Questions About Private Lending

    Can We Lend provide proof of funds for contract negotiations?

    We Lend is ready to send our borrowers proof of funds so that the borrower can confidently negotiate with the seller or their brokers as a cash buyer.

    Can We Lend help find distressed properties?

    Yes, We Lend is ready to introduce our borrowers to wholesalers who find off-market deals. Remember, We Lend’s founders were very active fix and flippers, they are ready to teach all their learned skills and disclose their sources.

    What is We Lend’s minimum loan size?

    We Lend’s minimum loan size is $100,000.

    What happens if we exceed the term?

    This rarely happens. But in the event it does, we are ready to extend the term for an additional fee.

    Does We Lend lend nationwide?

    We Lend nationwide with the exception of 7 States. We Lend does not lend in (1) Arizona, (2) Minnesota, (3) North Dakota, (4) Nevada, (5) South Dakota, (6) Vermont, and (7) West Virginia.

    Does We Lend require experience?

    No, We Lend does not require experience. So even if you are purchasing your first deal, We Lend is ready to finance. Remember, We Lend is an asset-based lender, that’s the reason why we are not strict on experience. However, the more experience you hold, the more We Lend. For example:

    • No experience (0 flips): up to 70% of purchase & 100% of construction cost

    • Low Experience (1 flip): up to 75% of purchase & 100% of construction cost

    • Some Experience: (2-3 flips) up to 80-85% of purchase & 100% of construction cost

    • Experienced (3-4+ flips): up to 90% of purchase & 100% of construction cost

    • Compensating factors: If the borrower is a licensed General Contractor or Real Estate Agent then we can add an additional 5-10% leverage (however, it cannot exceed 90% of the purchase price and 65% of ARV)

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    We Lend has an amazing team they have a seamless loan process. The team provided assistance every step of the way!

    Rachel C.

    Amazing and trustworthy people. They always deliver what they promise on time and the best customer service in the industry. I highly recommend trying them out!!

    Gregory A.
    Real Estate Agent

    Amazing and trustworthy people. Delivered what they promised on time. I'm new to flipping houses and will be back to do business with them again. Highly recommend trying them out!!

    Rubin G.

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