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    We Lend offers accredited investors an opportunity to diversify their portfolio by capitalizing on real estate - without the typical risks of property ownership. Our mission as a private debt fund is to acquire, finance, and trade business-purpose loans secured by first-position liens on real estate. As the first-position lien holder, our business model provides inherent security to investors while consistently delivering high-yield returns.

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    Become a Lender, Not a Landlord

    Our mission has always been to acquire, finance, and trade business-purpose loans secured by positions-first liens on real estate. Partner with us to see:

    • Low-Risk Investment
    • High Rates of Return
    • Inflation-Proof Gains


    We're in the business to Make, Purchase, Fund, Acquire and/or sell Business Purpose Loans (BPL's) secured by first position liens on property located across the US - primarily on the east coast

    Velocity of Capital

    Through We Lend, the management team has originated 800+ loans.

    Loans are primarily made to experienced real estate investors who are in the business of rehabilitating investment properties

    The Fund is run by experienced real estate investors & lenders, which provides keen insight into how to be a creative and responsible lender

    Principals of The Fund invested personal capital into The Fund
      Yield Risk Principle Protection
    We Lend , LLC 10-14%* Moderate Yes, Senior (1st) lien position backed by real estate
    Equities & Securities 4-6% High No
    Certificate of Deposits 1-2% Low Yes
    Corporate Bonds 3-4% Low No
    US Treasuries 1% Low Yes
    Real Estate Rentals 4-6% Moderate Sometimes

    Investing with we lend

    Low Risk
    High Returns
    Inflation Proof

    Loan Characteristics

    $369 Avg. Loan Amount
    89% of Borrowers Are Experienced Investors
    57% Avg. Loan To After Repair Value
    11 Months Avg. Loan Term

    By The Numbers

    3 Days We Lend funds loans in as few as 3 days
    0 We Lend charges 0 fees prior to funding your loan
    8.5 % We Lend offers rates as low as 8.5%
    43 We offer loans in 43 of the 50 U.S. states
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    Amazing and trustworthy people. They always deliver what they promise on time and the best customer service in the industry. I highly recommend trying them out!

    Gregory A.
    Real Estate Agent

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