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    Gain confidence in execution, customer satisfaction, and the speed of loan approvals as a real estate broker. We Lend's expansive network ensures you get what you need when you need it.

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    Connect With a Robust Network of Real Estate Pros

    We’ve built an established, reputable network of real estate professionals and now we want you to use it for your benefit. Access a wide range of specialties and experience to settle on the right pick for your situation. Want to join this network and gain connections to borrowers? Read about our referral program! Keep reading

    Working With We Lend

    Broker Point Sharing You bring the business to us, you deserve a piece of the pie. We have industry-leading point sharing standards on all of our closed deals with brokers. We want to foster relationships that extend to more than just a deal, or several deals.
    Ensured Transparency For a partnership to work, being transparent and upfront is key. That's why we are open with our real estate brokers. We share our recently funded deals, latest developments, and more to keep our network updated.
    White-Glove Execution Everything that We Lend does to serve our customers and stakeholders is done with a white-glove approach. We're not here to wrap up the deal and take off. We are by your side throughout every process and frequently rely on brokers for their knowledge to be more thorough in our underwriting process.
    Service Shaped by Experience The real estate industry is nothing new to us. We've been in the shoes of those we partner with and serve, equipping us to ensure the best service delivery possible. As investors ourselves, we know that speed, accuracy, and performance are crucial to successful real estate transactions.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I do anything to expedite the time to fund a deal?

    Yes, We Lend recommends getting pre- qualified prior to needing the financing. Normally, borrowers call us within a few days of having to close a deal and although it is doable, it causes preventable stress. So what we recommend is to get pre-qualified by We Lend now, this way when you find a good deal, We Lend within a couple of days.

    What do I need to fund a deal with We Lend?

    All We Lend needs to approve a deal is 

    (1) Purchase documents, 

    (2) Corporate documents, 

    (3) Title, 

    (4) Borrowers Photo ID,

    (5) 620 credit, 

    (6) Appraisal (exterior or interior), 

    (7) Scope of Work, and 

    (8) Personal Financial Statement (self-declared, no bank statements or tax returns needed).

    Does We Lend work with brokers?

    Absolutely, most of We Lends business comes from brokers. We always strive to protect our brokers because of the value they add to We Lend.
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    Amazing and trustworthy people. They always deliver what they promise on time and the best customer service in the industry. I highly recommend trying them out!

    Gregory A.
    Real Estate Agent

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