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    What Are The Requirements For a Construction Loan? [By An Expert Lender]

    6 min | 5/7/2021
    If you’re thinking of taking on extensive construction or renovation on a property you own or are considering building a home from the ground up, then a construction loan... Read More

    Insurance For House Flippers: What You Need to Know

    6 min | 5/6/2021
    The Property Brothers make it look so easy. A fix and flip on these popular ‘fixer-upper’ shows present the reality of a fix and flip as straightforward and wrapped up in... Read More

    What Does the Multifamily Market Look Like Post-Pandemic?

    5 min | 4/30/2021
    Although the pandemic is very much far from over, it has had a remarkable impact on the real estate industry, influencing almost every aspect of it — from deal underwriting,... Read More

    An Expert Guide to Joint Ventures in Real Estate

    5 min | 3/20/2021
    Real estate investment is often viewed as a one-person operation, especially flipping houses. Read More

    How to Use Private Money to Buy Foreclosures at Auction: A Step-By-Step Guide

    5 min | 2/15/2021
    As any experienced fix and flipper will tell you, foreclosure properties can often be picked up at a low price and flipped for a high profit. Read More

    How to Get a Loan For a Multifamily Property [What You Need to Know]

    6 min | 2/15/2021
    Multifamily properties can be townhomes, duplexes, small apartment buildings, or even apartment complexes and high rises. If the building has four household units or less,... Read More